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About Shakhashero Company

Shakhashiro Exchange Company is a private joint stock company, one of the leading financial companies in the Syrian Arab Republic. The company obtained the license to practice exchange business under Law 24 of 2006 and obtained the Commercial Register No. 17156 issued in Damascus Governorate on 22-4-2014. The company has continued to practice money exchange business to date and the company has proven during its work the ability to compete with other companies and achieve excellence by relying on qualified and trained cadres and the latest technologies used in this field. The company then applied for the amendment of its legal form from a joint venture company to a closed joint stock company and obtained the necessary approvals in accordance with the provisions of the Syrian Trade Law, the provisions of the Central Bank of Syria Law, the Basic Monetary Law and Law 24 of 2006. The company's capital was increased to (2,000,000,000) two billion Syrian pounds. The company obtained the decision to commence its activities as a joint stock company under the decision of the Central Bank of Syria's Management Committee No. 1211 LA on 9-9-2019 at its headquarters in Damascus, Sabaat Bahrat Square, Al-Abed Street. The old headquarters of the company was also annexed as the first branch in Damascus, Maysaloun Street, building Al Sham Hotel

Our Vesion

The company is currently seeking to expand through the issuance of approvals necessary to open additional branches of the company in the vital areas and the Syrian governorates in accordance with a deliberate plan to be able to provide better services and achieve an acceptable level of satisfaction among its customers in different regions. The company also seeks to exist outside the borders of the Syrian Arab Republic through contracting with foreign exchange companies in various countries of the Arab and foreign world (United Arab Emirates, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Republic of Kuwait, the State of Kuwait, the Republic of Iraq, the State of Canada ... .. And other countries Arab and foreign exchange) to exchange money transfer service to and from these countries. Shakhashiro Exchange Company is always keen to satisfy the wishes of its customers and achieve the highest quality in the service of its customers.